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Why were you upgraded? Your answer might give insight into why.

Were you using miles/cert, or was this an op up. I'm assuming using a cert, pretty standard to get purchased class mileage. But if the latter, could just be the way the agent entered it into the system. Not sure about the new system, but on the old UA, with irrops etc. and rebooking, technically agents were supposed to rebook in same class as purchased, but often enough, agents just would put you into full Y/full F because it was easier to do (especially if original class was no longer available.) For example, one time, I was UDU'd into F (NF), but then took a bump, and asked if the agent could keep the upgrade when she rebooked me. Apparently I was rebooked into full F (per my mileage statement, anyway).

Wondering if something similar happened here, where you were upgraded into C instead of "R".
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