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At MCO airport it's a hassle

I fly out of MCO (the worst domestic airport IMHO) about once a month, and it's always a very early flight, the 6:05am MCO->SFO.

CLEAR isn't open at boarding time (despite what they say on their website, the Clear station isn't manned until after 6:00am), so I have to wait on the World's Slowest Moving Security line. It typically takes a full hour to move through this line. (Yes, for a domestic flight at 5:00am!)

If I present the ID checker with a mobile boarding pass, he closes the line, walks over to an area where he has a scanner, scans it, then walks back to the line (slowly, because he's usually obese) and opens the line up again. So every time someone uses a Mobile Boarding Pass, it holds everyone else up a minute. I think he's just annoyed that he can't color on it with his magic marker.

(I think when there are more lines open it may go smoother. But when I fly, there's only one boarding pass checker, and he likes to park himself on the line where there's no scanner)
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