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Originally Posted by dcline414 View Post
There is no doubt that "elite" travelers qualify without having a known traveler number in their profile (or at all).

But Delta/TSA officials haven't ever made known what the cutoff is for free inclusion as an elite (either GM or PM, I believe) or how often they add pax as they qualify.

I was FO when the program rolled out in ATL and was not included. I am now GM, but was never selected in ATL until I was approved for GE and added the number to my profile. This leads me to believe that the cutoff is PM, but here is what I still don't know:
  • Is the cutoff officially PM? (I have heard rumors of some GMs being included)
  • Would I have immediately been eligible when I reach PM in a few months?
  • Is it market-specific (are pax added in markets as precheck is added?)
  • If I was PM/DM last year and I dropped down to FO this year, would I still qualify?
I gave up with the guessing game and just paid for GE, but it would be really nice of Delta to clarify the program better. That is probably the TSA's role, but as a government agency it would likely take a miracle for them to communicate this information clearly to everyone anytime in the near future.
GM+ can qualify. Ask the TSA agent at the pre-check gate for a flyer. They were handing them out to SkyPriority flyers at MSP the last couple times I went through.
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