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Yes. I already had 5 open credit card accounts plus 1 savings account with Chase 6 months ago. In the last January, I called the reconsideration dept, and an agent closed one credit card after my one year usage and transfered the credit line to the new chase credit card. In the last February, I did the same for another chase credit card.

In the last year, I also tried to apply three credit cards from other issuer but declined. I guess that's why bureau reported "too many credit inquiries..."

Any rescue for this?

I talked to a local Chase banker today, she told me that Chase will send me a letter explaining the reasons of deactivation in 7 days.

Originally Posted by longhorn11 View Post
So you're saying you already had 5 open accounts with Chase 6 months ago? Did you preemptively close your accounts? Or did you just transfer the credit lines when calling reconsideration?

As far as usage pattern, I meant for instance if you charge 3k to meet the spend, then quit using the card. If all of a sudden your usage pattern goes to zero and you keep spending on your new card that is going to trigger something internally.

If that's not the case, has anything changed on your credit report? I would think 4 years of history is fine compared to others that are getting 3-4 Chase cards with 2-3 years of history.
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