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Unhappy Chase closed my credit cards

Chase suddenly closed all my credit cards due to "too many inquiries..."

I have had 5 credit cards with Chase (and 11 credit cards totally) since last September.

During the last six months, I replaced two chase credit cards, and two other bands credit cards after one year usage of them.
(The replacement here means closing one previous credit card and open a new one with the same credit limit)

In the last week, I found Chase closed all of my credit cards. The rep said this is due to "too many application inquiries recently..." and I have too many credit cards (11) during a short credit history (four years).

Is it possible to reactivate them? Who could we talk with?

I have had a saving account with chase for more than two years. Previously I also had a checking account with direct deposit with them, but closed it about six months ago.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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