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I logged on to UA via mobile app then booked a flight on CO metal. Gave all payment info. Message came back "United cannot process reservation." I backed up and tried again. Same thing. No explanation. Then a confirmation number was added to my app profile. United didn't have record of the reservation. It was in the CO system as reserved but not paid for. Then an hour later I get two confirmation numbers for the same trip. I happened to be at LAX and asked at the CO counter. The agent promptly erased one of them, but said if I wanted to pay for the other one there I had to pay $30! I said I'll pay online.

Has anyone had similar experiences with this UA app? If they give the user the impression they're using a UA app then there should be a record of the reservation at UA even if it's on CO metal. If they can't process the reservation they should explain why not.
Something similar happened to me using an iPhone. I can't be sure what interface I was using - I have the app installed, but usually I will just go to the web site, and ask for the full web site. I might have done that this time.

I was checked in, and in the airport lounge, at SIN, flying to LHR, and decided to go (immediately upon arrival) to SAN. I had been thinking about it for a few days, but since it would be a separate ticket and the layover at LHR wasn't that long, I wanted to make sure my flights to LHR looked OK before paying for the LHR to SAN part. So I booked it, and got some kind of message that there was a problem with making the reservation or issuing the ticket. (Can't remember which.) They were UA operated, but all CO flight numbers. My natural inclination (which I should have suppressed, but didn't) was to try again. I then noticed that I had two emails from my credit card company, each one notifying me of a charge to UA in the amount of the ticket. So I went to "My Reservations" or whatever it is called, and saw there were two identical reservations.

So I Skyped the tech support number for the web site. The person saw both reservations, and said neither one was issued. So he said he would cancel one and issue the other. I was a little leery of giving my credit card number yet again, but figured if there were duplicate charges, I could deal with that later. Just after I read off the last digit of the credit card number, I heard the awful sound Skype makes when your call is disconnected. My flight out of SIN was departing soon, and I figured even if I call back, I'll get someone else, so I'll deal with it later.

Arrived LHR, had to go through immigration etc. to pick up bags, and then made it to UA check-in, with less than two hours to go for the SFO flight. (Arrived later than I hoped, partly because of a mistaken idea about which terminal UA was in.) Fortunately, almost no queue. I said I was on the flight, I should have a reservation, but I might have two, or I might have none. They said I have one, so that was good. But they also said it wasn't ticketed. They did quite a bit of typing, not really sure what it was about, but could not find any ticket, so I needed to see ticketing (which is a rather short walk from check-in). So I went there, fortunately also almost no queue. They issued the ticket for a number of GBP with approximately equal value to the number of SGD I had been quoted. Went back to check-in and everything was OK.

Upon return, checked with the bank, one and only one charge for the flight. All flights properly credited at MP. So it was annoying and stressful for a while, but in the end, it turned out alright. I am 1K for another few hours, this may or may not have made the process work more smoothly.
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