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If you look at the Vodafone UK terms of service, you can basically keep the SIM alive forever, so you might want to hang on to it:

6. Suspension, disconnection and ending the agreement
6a.We can suspend (in other words bar), restrict or stop providing the services (all or part of them) in the following circumstances.


You choose not to use the service for 180 days. Using this service means making any chargeable outbound calls (but not calls to 191, see your price plan for charges) or topping up your account.


6b If we suspend the mobile phone because you have chosen not to use the services (as defined in 6a, 3) for 180 days, we will, if you ask within 90 days of the suspension, reconnect the services and make available any previous credit held on your account at the time of the suspension. If you have not kept to this agreement or not used the services for 270 days, and we disconnect your mobile equipment, you will lose any credit held on your account.

All above at

In summary, they suspend it after 180 days of non-use. But, if you contact them within 90 days of suspension, they reinstate and restore all of your credit.

You might not want to advertise the fact that you live outside the UK, a somewhere else it says the SIM is only available to UK residents.

Originally Posted by roberto99 View Post
I purchased one of these activated UK Vodafone PAYG sims with almost 10 pounds credit on it 2 months ago. I thought that I was going back to England.

My trip fell through.

I have used these sims for very cheap voice calls to/the USA many times,even in other countries.

The sim has a good number associated to it, too.

PM me if interested in it for a trip in the near months. I am NOT marking up the cost to make any profit.

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