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Originally Posted by whimike View Post
But shouldn't status play a role?
Why? Does status give you better availability for buying "Saver" fares rather than "Flex" fares? Should I be upset that your ex-Nairobi fare in Business Class is 1/3 the price per mile flown of my ex-Accra fare in Economy Class? This is no different. Different horses for different courses.

My local station (Accra) offers upgrades to Dubai at check-in for $1000 one-way. This is available to anyone, status or not, subject to availability of seats and catering. Other stations have similar local programs to boost revenue. Indeed, most airlines have some sort of similar program nowadays.

A status customer has published benefits and your benefits are not being eroded by this program. Your benefits ARE being eroded elsewhere. Better to focus on requesting your actual benefits than inventing a perceived slight on something you weren't "entitled" to in the first place.
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