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Originally Posted by chazas View Post
Going from Chengdu to Lhasa, then Lhasa to Chengdu to Hangzhou, in early April (assuming TAR travel opens up timely). I think Travelzen is probably the only possibility for me - I know Ctrip won't book Tibet travel for foreigners and don't think elong will.

I have one award ticket on CA but no additional first class availability has opened up. CA doesn't appear to discount much in the front cabin in this route. The travel agency websites are showing 4200 RMB (ouch) full fare in the front cabin CTU-LXA. CA's Chinese website sells it for about 3600 (a little less ouch).
Crip and elong will book if you can show your confirmed tour itinerary/payment/Tibet Travel Permit made through an agent. If not in China where it can physically be done at a ctrip office, then scanning/faxing the documents should be possible, but it's not a simple online transaction. Even on travelzen, I would be surprised if your booking for Lhasa goes through without getting kicked back to "call a representative" or something like that, at some point along the way. This would flag in the system as soon as your foreign passport number is entered as the traveler ID. If you already have your Tibet arrangements made and can produce evidence of the issued Tibet Travel Permit, then they can probably finish the ticketing. The Chinese government is very clear with travel agencies on how this is supposed to work, and only the foolhardy agencies would try to go around these Tibet regulations. Same goes for the airlines and their own website ticketing.

For foreigners boarding any flight to Lhasa, your regular documents as well as the Tibet Travel Permit are normally examined at check-in and/or the gate, regardless of how your air ticketing was done. Same goes for Lhasa-bound trains.

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