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anyone confirm ? AS 17 FA detains passengers

Flying in from Miami to Seattle this morning on Alaska Airlines Flight #17, I was somewhat amused (and a bit horrified) when the stewardess said that the cabin doors would not be opened and that passengers would not be allowed off to catch connecting flights if the last video player (digiplayer, as she calls them) was not returned. Partly, I'm amused because of the ridiculousness of the threat vs. the magnitude of the crime but also I have to wonder if this is against FAA regulations.

I also have a brilliant tip for Alaska - when you rent a digiplayer, note down the seat #. Threatening to detain all your passengers over transgressions by other flyers is about the dumbest thing you can do for customer loyalty.

And all those early morning announcements asking people to return their digiplayers are kind of annoying.
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