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Jim has been an invaluable member of FT and the American AAdvantage Moderator team.

But more, Jim was a courageous and indomitable friend (and a fiendish flyer!) I last enjoyed dinner with Jim in London earlier this month, and as the inveterate traveler he was, with us living ~100 miles apart, he arrived in London via NRT and DFW, returning home via JFK to meet up with fellow mod dstan.

Many of us will miss Jim's perpetual smile and twinkle in his eyes, take-it-easy views, sometimes quirky dry humour, his referee's point of view to illuminate all positions before rendering an equitable opinion, his resilience. The Jim we knew gave of himself until there wasn't much more to give, at which point he dug and found even more to give.

His soul is free to travel unbound; may his spirit sow his joie de vivre and peace wherever he may roam.
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