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Originally Posted by usagishouse View Post
Thanks so much, guys! Yes, I haven't done all my travel yet, but still.... I like to plan ahead and also everyone has some ideas to contribute since most of you guys are experts. I would like to get Ex plat asap to enjoy it longer. you know?
I completely understand. EXP status is great once you have it. Just seems like a lot of MR'ing to get you there in your case. Are you flying enough to get the value out of the benefits (no one else can answer this but you)? 55k miles is a lot to MR for just for EXP status. That said, if you're doing mini-vacations and/or getting other value out of your trips then it's easier to explain the MRs (both to yourself and friends/others). I was just commenting that if you're at 45k for the year, doubling that in MRs is a long way to go. May be better to stay at PLAT and use the money (and time) that you would have put towards MRs to other use.
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