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Originally Posted by wfdude View Post
I'm on the first flight of the season from PHL-BCN on March 24. It has been listed as an A332 since I booked up until the last day or two, and then it changed to a 767. I've read nothing good about these planes, particularly for long trips. The change messed up our seating arrangements, but I managed to stick my party of four in 5C, 5E, 6C and 6E (three of those are preferred seats and I'm lucky that three of us are preferred right now.) What is the likelihood that the middle seats (5D and 6D) will be filled if I've gotten the four aisle seats covered? Perhaps people will opt for the back of the plane if it's not a full flight? We just want some space to stretch!

I noticed that there are no personal screens , only overhead videos. Bummer. I imagine it will be a pretty dull flight to BCN. Any new updates or thoughts on this aircraft, or the likelihood it would switch back to the A332? Is the B762 really this awful?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts...
I heard rumors the 767's are getting AVOD at some point, since the 358's are still five years away
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