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I agree with others that the Ink Bold is probably your best bet. That would give you 50K bonus points plus at least 5K due to the minimum spend requirements. Here's the really cool part: since the Ink Bold gives 5 points per dollar for office supply purchases, you can follow this strategy to meet your minimum spend and get many more points:

First, go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to Staples. Staples sells gift cards online. With your Ink Bold, buy as many gift cards this way as you can actually feasibly use. Except for bank Visa cards, there are no shipping or service fees when purchasing these. You will get a total of 9 points per dollar for these purchases! (5X from Ink Bold + 4X Ultimate Rewards Mall). If you meet your minimum spend entirely this way, you would get an extra 5000 X 9 = 45,000 Ultimate Rewards points!

Unfortunately, doesn't carry a great selection of gift cards, so the next best option is to go to nearby office supply stores and find their gift card racks. Buy Amazon gift cards, gas cards, etc. These will net you 5 points per dollar.

Another option, with or without the Ink Bold:
You can also do things like "Buy Ultimate Rewards Points for 1.1 cents each".

Good luck!
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