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Trust me, you can buy extra snacks at the corner store and find restaurants, etc. on your iPhone. The Ambassador program would have been great 20 years ago... but so many of its touted perks are passe.

It's not worth it. Period.
Originally Posted by Siriusly View Post

It's still an evolving and somewhat mysterious program, but I am extremely impressed with their dedication to their circle of clients.

For example, my Ambassador spotted yesterday's comments (having deduced my identity from the particulars of previous posts) and reassured me the formulaic e-mail I received wasn't the kick in the pants I had interpreted it to be. She allayed all the concerns I had raised, etc et cetera. Bravo!

I'm still learning, still traveling-- but all other things equal-- this Ambassador thing certainly sets Starwood ahead of other programs.
i am glad that it all turned out to your liking

Thats why they say don't make decisions when you are angry

I got my invitation to the program ( no 100 nights or expiry date mentioned) but i did not accept it. I am very happy with the PLT concierge i am working with. she is always available, deals with any problems on the spot and knows what i like and dislike. I agree with you that this kind of service sets starwood above all other programs.
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