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55k seems like a heck of a long way to MR, especially if any of the already covered 45k included any DEQM promos. Are you sure it's worth it MR'ing for 55k out of LHR?

If so, I think the best options are to book plenty of time and position from LHR to US when you find a good US based MR. Then do it back to back as many times as needed before returning to LHR. Probably not cheap, and may be a bit much doing it all back to back unless you have some other distractions in the US between MRs (and can afford the time off from work), but it is an option to consider in order to save money over MR'ing from LHR.

[I had a job offer for a LHR position 2 years ago. I turned it down due to their lack of vision for the position and the limitations they placed on the position. But 2 other things were also on my mind if I accepted it: 1 - the high cost of LHR living and 2 - the high cost of AA travel out of London. ]
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