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Originally Posted by andrewpartyman View Post
If you are just linking to your checking account, why would you even bother with getting AMEX involved in the middle of the transaction? I travel overseas to about 40 countries/year. I always just use my Bank of America or Chase debit card at foreign ATMs. No need for AMEX to be involved. Many banks, like Bank of America, have relationships with foreign banks. So if you use B of A you can withdraw cash at any BNB Paribas atm without a fee to do so. Even if your bank has no relationship like that, putting AMEX in the middle gains you nothing but a higher cost/greater fees.
Thanks. I got the Express Cash as I thought it was the only way I could avoid foreign exchange fees when withdrawing cash. I knew BofA had an arrangement with DB in Germany, but didn't know that it had one with BNP. Chase still has a foreign currency conversion fee.

So as it turns out I don't need the Express Cash feature.
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