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Originally Posted by Mileage Lover View Post
I just booked this and hope I don't regret it and pull the 24-hour CXL option. Using $650 in vouchers (bump and Diamond gift selection) so out of pocket isn't too bad.

I have a whopping 4 hours turnaround in SIN!

March 17 LAX-ATL-NRT-SIN (leaving on redeye from LAX)
March 20 SIN-NRT-ATL-LAX (back into LAX at 6:30 pm).

I have Economy Comfort middle aisle (row 32 for most except for row 31 on 1 segment).

24,248 EQM on this one.

Is this too crazy or survivable in EC? I could have routed through JFK both ways for the same price but ATL had the 777LR rather than the 747-400, which looked like a wider seat and better ride.

This should help me hit Diamond again this year.

I'm having a bit of buyer's remorse right now but seems like a pretty good price and I guess qualifies as a legit MR.
Thanks for sharing. Excellent deal!
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