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As long as that card isn't registered in any account of yours currently, yes.

And it doesn't even have to be family or same last name. I have a friend who used to be a neighbor but now lives halfway across the country whose miles were about to expire, and I used a new card I'd just gotten that I needed one purchase of any amount on to earn a bonus (and then never planned to use again), and I registered that card in my friend's dining account, I did a cheap dine, I got the signup bonus, I paid the bill on the credit card, but my friend got the few miles but more importantly the airline expiration extended another 18 months (this being AA in this case).

But I would not suggest using a card you have left registered in any account of yours. Normally RN checks for that and pulls the card out of your present account and moves it your new account, but that automatic process may send up alarms if you do it between different people's accounts. So if you are going to use a card that you currently have assigned to some RN account, I would suggest manually deleting it first, waiting at least a day, and only then adding it as a new card to the account of the other person.

(And, remember, you can't delete the last card from any account and still have the account continue to work. So you need a spare card for each person you want to do this with. Otherwise they'll keep getting their accounts deleted if you keep deleting their "last" card, which was the one and only card you put in there "temporarily".)

Going back to the example I mentioned, my friend was actually already participating in the dining program, but due to a move and a change of cards had not kept up to date, and it was just faster and more certain for me to quickly do the dine in my area where there are lots of participating restaurants than in my friend's area where there are comparatively few. So my "temporary" card wasn't ever the only card in that account.)
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