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Originally Posted by DYKWIA View Post

There are 2 middle seats on BA J. Lots of fare paying passengers have to use them - there are relatively few op-ups/reward seats available. If you don't have status and haven't paid to pre book a seat, the chances are you'll end up in a middle seat.
I don't think so at least on the 747 and 777

BA ( because as you say the opups are more strict and you can't just book any fare and opup for reasonable miles unless you paid for WT. Plus) rarely, very very rarely, has full J cabins so except at absolute peak load times of the year these seats tend to be empty or given to opups If CW J cabin is close to sold out they start putting GGLS in FIRST rather than give single rev passengers middles. I have asked BA about this and the info. above is based on their feedback I do think they take this seriously, certainly far more than EK .
Sometimes the middles in conjunction with aisles are booked by families or couples but IMO. It is rare that you get one as a single revenue pax there I have never seen it and I do look/ask Even on the very full OZ route when I've been on it
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