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I heard They going to install the body scanners in Australian airports. This is not real specific at all. I don't think it's happening to put everyone into the scanner.

They already have scanners in SYD, PER, MEL, CNS, BNE, ADL and Gold Coast, too. There is no reason to installed the bodyscanners at airports.

The bill say "no scan, no fly" there is no such thing to put into the scanners. Those passengers who had it right go through the metal detector and not try to patted it down in the secondary screening area.
No. They have scanners at MEL and SYD from the trial last year. They plan to install them at PER, CNS, BNE, ADL and OOL if the proposed legislation the government plans to introduce this week (Australian Parliament's first sitting week of the year) passes. The "Aviation Security Amendment (Screening) Bill 2012" has not been tabled yet.

There seems to be little we can do about it, the idiotic Anthony Albanese is determined to have them.
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