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Originally Posted by LIH Prem View Post
use the 30 day free trial of sugarsync, install it on both computers and make "Documents" - "My Documents" a sync folder. (it's like dropbox but you can designate any folder on one machine to sync with any folder on another machine, including subfolders, etc).

Once it's done, cancel the free trial. If it's 5GB or less, you can just keep the free service or disconnect the sync folders and just use it for cloud backup under the 5GB free limit.

It will do the same thing that rsync would do, but via their cloud. rsync would be great too if you can figure out how to use it and make it work for you. It works well on unix/linux machines.

SugarSync fan here! 5 computers, 2 iPads , and 3 iPhones in sync and backed up.
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