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It definitely helps when the FAs assist (direct) baggage stowage. It's much easier when FAs are in the aisles making sure small bags are stowed under seats, coats are kept in laps until everyone is on, bags are stowed appropriately (wheels out, not sideways) - and what's up with folks who seem to think the bin over their seat is 'their' bin?

In particular, it helps when FAs keep an eye on the bins over bulkhead seats, because those folks have to stow everything for takeoff and landing - no one wants to be separated from a small personal item (purse, laptop).

And please, it's inexcusable when an entire F bin is taken up with flight crew bags.

Perhaps the more militant fliers would prefer the Spirit Airlines model - charge all pax for all bags, other than a small (rigorously enforced size and weight) personal item which has to be stowed under the seat unless the pax has paid for bin storage and the bag has been tagged.

Bulkhead seats? Too bad, you still have to pay for overhead storage. Compromised underseat storage (odd seat struts, IFE equipment boxes) - bring a smaller bag, do your research, pay for overhead bin storage.
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