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I flew two MRs over the past two weeks, and for four of my eight flights, the GA came over the loudspeaker about 75% into boarding and said 'The overhead bins are now full, please gate check your carry-ons if they don't fit under the seat in front of you'

Now, I'm all for promoting carry-on baggage as high airline baggage fees are a bit ridiculous (the plane is going there ANYWAYS), however if 25% of the passengers on the plane cannot use overhead space there is a serious issue. And, it's a consequence of people using "carry-ons" that can only fit sideways, are too wide, take up too much space, etc.

Sorry folks, but its time to be considerate of others around you. If you KNOW your carry-on is a big boy (and you know who are you), then check it through security by all means, but then gate check it so you can save on fees. There is NO ONE who flies ANY airline enough each year that they are sitting in a position where their carry-on should affect others. If you are so "elite" that you "deserve" to carry-on/stow your luggage, no matter what size, then you'd be in first class, and thus wouldn't have a problem.
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