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Originally Posted by schley View Post
Near fights? Seriously? Perhaps are you being overly dramatic as people who disagree aren't always headed to fisticuffs.
I wish I was being overly dramatic.

Case 1: Two pax fighting over bin space late in boarding process. Ended with FA warning both of them to cool it or they would not be flying.

Case 2: Pax moved Mr MegaBag's luggage to fit his in the bin and MegaBag's response was to stand up and say don't touch my bag. Shouting match ensured until FA came up and put MegaBag's luggage in closest.

I fly mostly INTL but the last two months I've done quite a bit of domestic and the bag size is the #1 issue at boarding IMO. It is the heart of why people fight to get onto the plane. Then when you get to the last pax boarding they get antsy because all the bins are full of bags (too many of which are oversize for carry-on) and that's when the frustrations shine though.

Just think how many times you flight was not able to close the door because pax were still in aisle trying to find bin space and FAs are scrambling to either gate check of adjust bags in the bins.

It seems out of control.
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