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Originally Posted by Silver Fox View Post
Agree. It is beyond belief ridiculous the sense of entitlement that some have to bring on stuff that would not even fit in two sizers.
I dunno. I'm not sure "sense of entitlement" is the problem here. Seriously, what do we expect Kettles to do? Between higher fares, bag fees and lax enforcement, it's perfectly understandable that people want to bring more luggage on board. (The reason I personally tend to limit my carry-ons is not out of some sense of social duty but because I don't like to carry so much stuff.) To a large extent, it seems to me, priority boarding solves this problem. Board early, get more space; board later, gate check your bag(s). I don't like this system, mind you, but it is what it is.

That said, I agree that people shouldn't be allowed to do so. One carry-on that can fit width-wise in the overhead, a personal item or two that can fit under the seat, and anything else has to be gate checked.
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