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Syncing files on two computers; is there an easier way?

Wise ones....

A couple of months ago I got Mrs. cblaisd a new laptop. I **thought** I had transferred all the files from her old computer's "My Documents" folder to the new one.

Alas, she has been informing me that that is not the case, that there are Word and Word Perfect (please, take your laughter to another thread ) files on the old one that are not on the new.

I am now in a position to try to rectify this.

First, no matter what I do, I cannot seem to transfer files from the old computer to the new via home network. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I even temporarily shared C:\ on the new computer which I had assumed would allow it to be written.

Second, the way I did it originally was to get a USB drive (just got one, 16GB for $20. Amazing how cheap they've become. And that wasn't even searching out any sales, just walking into Radio Shack) and then do "sneakernet." Clearly I missed some files.

So.... I want to try to rectify this today, but here's where I could use some help.

I know that I could again copy the the files on the old computer (which will have files that have been worked on since the original transfer -- or lack of transfer) to a USB drive and then copy the whole thing to the new computer's "My Documents" folder.

But I'm not looking forward to 2000 instances of "File Exists, Do You Want to Overwrite" messages and having to pay attention.

Is there a DOS command or a program that would compare the two directories (the one on the USB drive from the old computer and the My Docs on the new computer) and allow me more easily to only transfer the ones that are not in fact on the new computer?

Running Win7 on the old computer and WinXPPro on the new one (and a hat tip to ScottC for finding the new computer for an amazingly cheap price).
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