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Originally Posted by Trinners View Post
You are correct in saying that you can't do a Global Transfer to an IDC/IEC card.

I've got both IDC and IEC cards and my experience with Amex International Currency Cards in the UK is that they do not negotiate on anything. I guess if you spend enough with them they may be more open to waving fees.
Since you have IDC/IEC cards, could you tell me a bit about how their Client Services Team works? Do they provide a good service? I cannot say that I am disappointed at the level of attention given by the Spanish crew, but neither can I say that I am overly satisfied. I usually have to wait for 2 days or so for an email of mine to be responded - that is if I ever receive one!

One more thing, regarding the offers they have got, what are they like? In Spain, I receive offers for general AmEx holders and I have yet to receive anything specifically for Plat members.

Many thanks for your help!

Originally Posted by Magic01273 View Post
As Trinners said, no transfer is possible to Amex Intl currency cards.

Probably due to the fact that, by all accounts, the application process and financial requirements can be substancially different for these cards vs. the country-specific products (even though they may both be euro denominated). So its likely a new full application would be required.

I also doubt that the UK teams that administer these cards would agree to waive the fee for a new account but I say that knowing nothing about your existing Spainish account or spending. Anything can happen if you are a high enough spender I guess so YMMV (as they say). Phone up, tell them about your spain account and spending and see what they say.
Well, my spending is not precisely super high. In the last 5 months, I might have spent around 9K-10K in total... perhaps they should give me a break bearing in mind that I am 24 years old and have been an AmEx holder for four years already.

What do you think?
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