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Reasons I've switched in the recent past:

- Smoking smell in a non-smoking room. Especially annoying considering I stay in a lot of hotels that advertise being 100% nonsmoking.

- A truly undesirable room in a hotel where I have elite status. I honestly never get too demanding about major upgrades...I know most hotels aren't built with many suites to begin with and arguing about whether one is available or whether an elite should get it as an upgrade is a futile cause. But when a disinterested front desk clerk puts me in a low floor, bad view, next to the elevator, I will absolutely go back to the front desk and ask for a better room. I don't like doing's feels very DYKWIA-ish...but I feel that it's justified and not exceeding the purpose of the elite level. The response is almost always a better room...only once that I can recall the front desk saying the hotel was extremely full of Platinums and couldn't move me (in that case, they comped part of my bar tab).

- If I learn about it in time, being assigned to a floor full of convention-goers. Also possibly a school group, although school groups are usually more sober and chaperoned after 10pm or so.

- At Hampton, 4Points, and Fairfield, I always ask for rooms facing away from the highway. They're usually pretty decent about assigning elites on the non-highway side to begin with. It's only about 1 in 10 that I forget to ask and have to call down from the room and ask for a reassignment. At these motels, I imagine this is a more common request than specific floor or other parameter.
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