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I've seen all the things you list, really not uncommon. The one that peeves me is where the bed is made up wrong (short-sheeted on the bottom sheet) - I'm tall and my feet end up feeling the end of the sheet and the mattress. I've even had that happen at a couple of higher-end, full service hotels. More than once, I've made housekeeping (or the manager if it's late enough) come remake the bed.

Things where I have requested a room change: heavy smoke smell in the room either from previous occupant or smoke seeping through the ventilation system; windows that didn't seal properly leaving a very drafty room and whistle as the wind blew; badly torn carpet; room not made up; stained bed linens (one time diesel smell that permeated the room, another it looked like blood); school group in hotel for a couple of days on my floor/adjacent rooms; major defect (broken furniture, door, bathroom, etc). In one case, I had the hotel move my parents when the room heater didn't work in their room, and I moved in another where the heater/AC made loud clanging sounds.

I've had issues in hotels from low end to high end. Fortunately, they don't happen very often at all & the hotel management is usually very responsive.
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