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Originally Posted by jlemon View Post
And here's several more questions as well, just to keep the ball rolling....

And here's a few answers:

1) What airline operated scheduled Boeing 747 passenger service between Seattle and Fairbanks, Alaska? Pan Am. That flight used to originate in Hawaii, stop in Seattle and operate a 9:30pm SEA-FAI flight, returning down to SEA at 1:00am. As I recall, PA made alot more money in freight on that flight than they ever did on human cargo. Back in the 70s, on long summer evenings in Delta Junction, I used to see the plane fly overhead on its way to or from Fairbanks.

2) Following the deregulation of the airline industry back in 1978 (thank you, Alfred Kahn), PSA expanded their route system out of California with international service as well as service to Colorado. What were these new destinations and what type of aircraft did PSA use to fly these routes?

In addition to the answer above, I should add that I flew a PSA DC-9-80 from Phoenix to LAX in June of 1984.

3) Name two airlines that provided scheduled passenger jet service between Las Vegas and the south rim of the Grand Canyon and the respective aircraft types used for these services. Well I'm pretty sure that Hughes Airwest operated a service LAS-GCN-Page with a DC-9-15. The other airline I'm guessing would be either TriStar or Royal West, both of which operated BAe-146s.

4) Which model of the Embraer 145 has winglets and what airline is the only U.S. based air carrier to operate this specific RJ model? I believe I've flown it, a 145LR, in the service of Continental Express. Or perhaps I should say ExpressJet?

5) Name the airlines that participated in the various "interchange" flight agreements between Alaska and the lower 48 states.
Well, Continental and Western had one because I flew CO's DC-10 on a Western flight between Anchorage and Seattle in July of 1977. In May of 1976, I flew ANC-SEA aboard a Braniff 727-200 operating an interchange with Alaska. We used to see that BN 72S at FAI now and then. I believe it routed FAI-ANC-SEA-DFW-IAH. I also used to fly alot of American 727-200s operating in an interchange with Alaska DFW-SEA-ANC-FAI. Additionally, I think Continental had an interchange with Alaska operating FAI-ANC-SEA-DEN-ICT with a 727-200.
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