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Originally Posted by robyng View Post
And - if anyone knows - how much of a zoo is it in New York a day or two before the UN circus comes to town?
I was just at the Plaza (FS was booked) in late Sept'11, and NY was a circus. It was a 2 hour wait for cabs, streets were blocked everywhere. The OWS riffraff had choked everything off. The Plaza couldn't have done a worse job in my case. The employees were so busy that they were long past even apologizing for zero service. The bell staff was much more interested in untangling the gridlocked Rolls Royces in the front to help me with a cab to the airport. I had to cart my 85 lbs of luggage to the FS to get any help.

NY during UN: A total disaster. I wouldn't consider it. And DON'T GO TO THE Plaza when the UN is in session. They can't handle 100% occupancy.
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