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Originally Posted by jlemon View Post
Thanks Wally Bird!
Yes, thanks! It's been a few years since I've looked, but I didn't know there was a picture of my namesake on the net somewhere. That made my day. When US started parking them, I saved the door that went over the ACARS panel in the fwd galley from 965.

Originally Posted by jlemon View Post
I'm also curious about your handle there, N965VJ: did this "N" number appear on a US Air DC-9-30?
I was a FA for 15 years at US, so both the aircraft and me were born in the 60s and flew around the northeast for US.

Originally Posted by jlemon View Post
BTW, the routing for the PI operated F-28 flight I took many years ago was MIA-EYW.....
PI had a small crew base in MIA I think, this is jogging my memory. I was hired by US before the PI merger, so my PI knowledge isn't the best. They also had small bases in SYR and DAY. When US finally parked the F-28s in CLT, a number of pilots sat around collecting flight at home for a few months since the company didn't transition them to another aircraft right away. Lucky dogs.
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