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Refundable tickets. How often can you do this?

Hi everyone,

Just had a thought of purchasing refundable tickets along with the mileage multiplier upon checkout as a means of obtaining points for a cheaper price. After the points would post to my account I would refund the ticket.

I know this is one option that people look into to extend the expiry time of their points. However I was thinking of using this option to purchase a larger amount of points.

I have a few questions;

1) Is the mileage multiplier cost handled by US Airways, or by, as is used during when you buy under a promo? If handled by I'm guessing they won't like you using the same CC. I've heard of instances where limits the amount of transactions possible per card.

2) I realise that churning the same/similar route for points then refund would raise a few eyebrows at US airways. Is there a sensible amount that is realistic to do - say for example one route has better mileage multiplier cost per point then another route - it would be best to take advantage of this.

3) What is the rough refund timeframe from real world experience? I know they can take up to 6-8 weeks officially, but generally they should be much quicker?

I'm just trying to find a way of getting points a bit cheaper then the current price they have - even with the promos the deals aren't great - but still good nonetheless.

Any information would be helpful.

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