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The current peak price which has just been added as described by Globaliser for EWR is 990 in WT+ which I guess is a decent price for that time of year. I'm sure in previous years the expensive WT+ tickets didn't kick in until July 1st, a week later than this year - maybe the day the bulk of school holidays start this year or the Olympics are having an effect here.

I wouldn't consider a 1340 a sale price though (assuming the OP means an extra 350 per seat) and would baulk at buying at that level purely on the basis that an extra 450 would get me a seat in Club. I'm going to take an upgrade from WT+ to Club for 225 each way every time...

I don't know the fare rules - maybe the expensive WT+ fare booked also has better cancellation or change rules. Additionally maybe it is upgradeable to said Club fare described above!
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