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Originally Posted by bondars View Post
I do realize this topic is fairly old, but felt like updating it.

I'm one of those who recommended Overplay.net and I still stand by what I said, but now they become even more awesome! (No, I'm not working for overplay, but I simply love the new service they rolled out)

Basically, instead of connecting to VPNs each time you want to watch Hulu, iPlayer, Netflix and other region-locked sites, you change the DNS settings in your computer to their web server. (it is very simple to do so and they have nice tutorials)

What does this do? Well, first of all, you don't have to connect to a VPN every single time, but do take into consideration that if you use smartDNS your connection isn't encrypted. Also, your speeds increase, because instead of tunneling to a VPN service,the overplay initially tricks the website into believing you are in US but the actual streaming is carried out by your connection.

Absolutely love the service, so felt obligated to let others know.

Link to overplay.net
So basically what the likes of Unblock-us and Unotelly have been doing for ages?

Mind you its a nice little add on if you already use Overplay's VPN services.
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