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The Gimli Glider

Originally Posted by Wally Bird View Post
The engines flamed out because the fuel had been loaded in litres but entered into the FMS as pounds (or vice-versa - I forget). Fortunately Gimli, Manitoba was withing gliding distance and still had a serviceable partial runway. The Captain was an experienced glider pilot.

The plane is now in long-term storage at Mojave, Ca.
You are both correct, of course. I also believe the airport at Gimli, Manitoba was a former military airfield. In addition, I seem to recall from an old AW&ST article concerning the incident that the runway was being used for an auto road race on the day the B767 glided in for an otherwise uneventful landing. Fortunately, the cars and the spectators got out of the way when the descending aircraft was spotted.
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