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Originally Posted by Seat 2A View Post
14) What airline mistakenly landed a B737-200 at Buffalo, Wyoming? (BTW, not a real big airport here as the current population of this town is around 4800 people)

I remember this one well because I grew up in Colorado, worked for the original Frontier Airlines and have also flown WA 53, the DEN-CYS-CPR-SHR-BIL flight that mistakenly landed in Buffalo, Wyoming. (I wasn't on the flight at that time, however!) The town of Buffalo used to celebrate the event with "Lowell Fergeson Day" in honor of the Western captain who was in command of that flight. I seem to recall that they had to really strip that airplane out just to get it out of Buffalo, because taking off out of there with a 737 was alot more difficult than landing there with one.
Correct once again.....and I seem to recall that the town staged an annual parade in honor of the WA Captain and that he actually took part in the festivities! I also remember seeing a photo of the 737 at the end of the runway in Buffalo where it came to rest. I believe the main gear had sunk into the pavement due to the weight of the airplane.

I will also take this opportunity to answer the questions concerning B727-200 operations into Lawton, Oklahoma and Beaumont/Port Arthur, Texas:

The first airline was Continental with a fairly unique routing: MAF-LBB-SPS-LAW-OKC-TUL. The airplane would then retrace the routing heading back the other way. This route was unique in that it did not feed a hub operation. Instead, it was a classic short haul multiple point-to-point route that I think had more in common with bus service!

The second airline was Delta. Routing was BPT-SHV-ATL. I believe Delta also flew a DC-9 series 30 into BPT at one point with a routing of IAH-BPT-SHV-ATL. And way back in the day before the 72S and D9S were around, DL flew a Convair 440 into BPT.
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