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Originally Posted by Seat 2A View Post
5) The engineering departments of three airlines based in North America converted their DC-8 Super 60 series aircraft to the Super 70 series designation in house. Which three airlines did this?

Purely a guess, but on the assumption that it would take fairly well established and financed facilities to do this, United, Delta and Air Canada would be my first choices.

6) What airline operated the B737-200 into Lawton, Oklahoma?

Frontier comes to mind...
Once again, you are correct on both counts, sir!

The major part of the conversion of the Super DC-8 to the series 70 designation involved re-engining the airplane although other changes were made as well. I believe the new engines were GE/SNECMA CFM56-2 high bypass turbofans. And the result was an aircraft that not only had much improved range but was also significantly quieter. Many of the DC-8 Super 70 series went on to fly freight after being retired from passenger service (UPS is an example). However, it appears that many of these great old birds are now parked in the desert these days.....
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