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Here are some more questions. Once again, they concern scheduled passenger operations:

1) What airline was the only operator in North America to fly the Vickers Vanguard four engine turboprop (the "big brother" of the Viscount)?

2) What airline operated direct one stop service between Cleveland and Hilo, Hawaii?

3) What airline operated direct one stop service between New York JFK and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with a B707? (Hint: this carrier was not a U.S. or Mexican based airline).

4) What airline operated nonstop service between New Orleans and San Juan, Puerto Rico?

5) The engineering departments of three airlines based in North America converted their DC-8 Super 60 series aircraft to the Super 70 series designation in house. Which three airlines did this?

6) What airline operated the B737-200 into Lawton, Oklahoma?

7) What airline operated the B727-200 into Lawton, Oklahoma? (Hint: not the same airline as question #6)

8) What airline operated the B727-200 into Beaumont/Port Arthur, Texas? (Hint: not the same airline as question #7)

9) What California commuter airline operated the original version of the Handley-Page "Jetstream" turboprop?

10) What airline operated the stretched BAC One-Eleven 500 series in the Caribbean?

11) What airline named one of their BAC One-Eleven aircraft "Little Precious"?

12) Why did Air Canada employees nickname one of the airlines B767-200 aircraft the "Gimli Glider"?

13) What airline operated the L-1011 between Toronto, Canada and Buffalo, New York?

14) What airline mistakenly landed a B737-200 at Buffalo, Wyoming? (BTW, not a real big airport here as the current population of this town is around 4800 people)

15) What U.S. city had three (3) very short "cross town" airline routes over the years that depending on the specific airports served were flown with a variety of aircraft including the DHC-6 "Twin Otter", the DC-9 and the B737-300?
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