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I've always figured if I was employed to write code to track who to target for a FR due to possible higher risk, it'd be pretty easy (beyond the known measures, like credit score and declining available credit).

Declining account activity isn't always a good measure because one could be charging on a different card due to dissatisfaction of the product, and don't want to piss them right out the door, but other activity could indicate a problem. Like:
  • Track tipping amounts in restaurants. If a card holder normally tips generously and then starts getting stingy with tips, that could be a sign.
  • Where one charges. If months ago charges to Nordstroms were common but now Wal-Mart shows up weekly.....
  • Payment activity. An obvious one. If payment gets later and later in billing cycle, possible red flag.
  • Dollar coin purchases (ok, old news now, but had to slip that one in!)

There's a Wal-Mart next door to my work and I occasionally pop in there to get a few things because it's convenient, but I always pay with cash
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