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Hi Aarato,

Sorry to ask but targeted for what exactly? Perks, cards, limit increases or detrimental things like fr?

From my history with Amex spend has not been that big of a deal. I average 150k a year in personal expenses on my plat charge but that doesn't result in anything special.

I have noticed a correlation to revolving debt on my other cards though. When I was rocking 5% I got pre-approvals for plat business, etc. As utilization increased during a job change offers decreased from pre-approve to pre-select to invite to nothing.

As for FR, I have been lucky enough not to be hit. I have seen other users mention a mix of credit and charge can be a flag. I cancelled their credit products a while ago (no reason, just never used them) and won't accept sign and travel on my personal charge (rate is way too high). I also pay my bill the day it cuts online (27th every month). At heart they are a charge company and despite their advertising I don't think they like the exposure of their credit products. Of course I may be wrong though
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