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Originally Posted by gum1k View Post
As someone who would have hit 2MM this year I was really ticked to find out I don't get RCL for life - in fact I get nothing at all - just some new garbage status that is essentially premier exec for life which I got at 1 MM. Mr. O'leary this change will loose UA customers and lets hope it will loose you your job! DELTA here I Come.
At 2MM you don't get Nothing. You will be Platinum for life which waives a lot of fees that Gold will still have to pay. You are guaranteed at least 2 CR-1's which Gold does not get. You are higher on the upgrade list ahead of all the Golds. But yes, you do lose the lifetime RCC. How close are you to 2MM (before the adjustment) Been a few on FT that were close and wrote to MP and got the lifetime RCC grandfather as they were close enough. In some ways 2MM is worse, in some ways better than the old.
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