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Originally Posted by EMAW View Post
I think that a major issue for those of us who were pre Jan 2012 UA Million Mile flyers remains the downgrade of status by one tier. We were in fact, among other things, promised Lifetime Premier Executive status which was (not counting GS) the second highest tier available. Now that PE no longer exists, we have been reclassified as Premier Gold and have been essentially downgraded by one level. Continental Infinite Elites with a pretty low threshold have been granted lifetime 1K status and pre Jan 2012 2MM have been given lifetime RCC membership so there is clearly a precident for recognition of the need to grandfather benefits to some. However, the 1MM people have not been given the same consideration. Hopefully this is merely an oversight that will be corrected.

Lifetime 1K for people who may have flown as little as 50K miles for 5 consecutive years seems to be somewhat discriminatory in terms of preference to PMCO people. Beginning in the early 1990's I attained 1K status for 13 of 14 years with 9 of those being consecutive. Although this would seem to have had more value to UACO than 5 yrs of 50k for a PMCO customer, lifetime 1k status was never offered and I do not expect it. But I do think, as many have suggested, that Premier Platinum status, which is somewhat closer to our prior benefit level, should be granted to those of us who attained 1MM status prior to January. For that matter, it would be fine with me if those Continental people and others who went over 1 MM after the credit of partner and EQM's were given this status. However, the real issue is that UACO has chosen to grant lifetime benefits and enhancements to some without consideration to those of us who attained MM status under the previous rules and with the promises offered at the time.

By the way, my lifetime miles increased by only 65,000 on Jan 1 which is about what I expected due to the fact that I gave virtually all of my business to UA over the past 20 years. I would think that this probably meets the goal a "loyalty program". I do know that should what seems to be unfair treatment of PMUA 1MM people is not rectified, I will probably begin to look at other carriers who may offer better pricing or schedules and should AA offer a status match for UA people they will definitely get some of my business.
I'm almost identical to you in your flying patterns, loyalty to United, and thoughts. Thanks for posting this.
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