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Originally Posted by HiFlyerAS View Post
A little history for the folks at EK...Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is owned by the Port of Seattle. The citizens of King County (the county Seattle is located in) are the ones that built SeaTac airport (and CONTINUE to pay for) through their tax dollars. It was only because back in the 1940's when Seattle and Tacoma were not that different in population that Seattle was 'nice' and included Tacoma in the name of the airport. To call it 'Tacoma International Airport' is not only insulting but totally inaccurate.
My understanding is that the city of Tacoma paid $100k for naming rights when the field was being developed. And the people of Seattle have been so far been so "nice" as to try and change the name twice- without getting Tacoma's sign off. The way it has been explained to me it took legal action to make sure the "Tacoma" part stayed as is...

I don't really have a dog in the fight. I live in Tacoma but am a recent transplant. But I am not sure the reason it is SEATAC is because the folks up north are just so darn "nice."
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