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Originally Posted by alexwuk View Post
In some ways the BA board resembles a lot of the kind of culture/aspirations which the BA premium cabin brand tries to evoke: a sort of throwback to the era of Noel Coward - complete with class is an important issue, a hint of ill-will to those seeking to go up a class without earning it, a not-entirely-secret willingness to understand the actual way to raise once's class; and of course there's the secret society (cf. the Mucci), the frisson of homosexuality... the whole thing is just a little bit like a novel set in a 1930s Boarding School.
Perhaps the most perceptive post I've ever read summarizing BA board culture, especially the last few words. There's the reflexive defense of the institution (old-school loyalty) no matter its sins, with vicious parallel attacks on critics. There's the hazing of new boys. There's the obsession with class strata (forms and clubs); this world mirrors real British life in that inhabitants of the upper classes simply turn up there (by dint of having high-travel jobs) -- visible striving is less acceptable. As in boarding school there are bullies, jocks, academic grinds, sensitive poets, Footlights stars, etc. And the "frisson" you mention extends to some adolescent perplexity about women (who are relatively scant on the board, except as mummy substitutes or neutralized tomboy buddies) and saucy, overtly excited asides about getting whacked with hairbrushes.

I feel a sociology paper coming on.
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