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I went to the UA web site, looking up all activity back to the beginning of 2010 (as far back as it will go), and figured I would get a bump up of > 50K from those two years. But it looks to me like CO flights taken recently have already been counted - I don't really see any way to confirm this, though. That should only reduce my 2010-2011 bust up by a few thousand miles, though.

I tried to figure out what my credit would be for prior years, and quickly gave it up as hopeless. I'll just have to wait and see. I think I should get a bust up of at least 100K, but maybe it will be substantially more. I do not think it will put me over the top, but I should be within spitting distance. 2013 at the latest, I think. If they haven't cancelled the whole thing by then.

I'd be a lot closer in the first half of 2012 if there were a way to get Asia to Europe trips to count. Well, I guess there is, but I'm not desperate enough to go through the US on those routes.

Originally Posted by hobo13 View Post
If you've ever requested the M+ DataPurge, it seems you could probably calculate the adjustment as well, right?
Is that difficult to do?

I am thinking that I might handle some trips in 1Q12 differently, depending on how close I am. But if we don't know the answer until near the end of the quarter, I'll have to ticket the flights before I know the answer.

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