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Million Miler one-time adjustment 12/31/11 questions/tracking

UA has committed to making a one-time adjustment to our UA lifetime mileage to recalculate it based on historical EQM rather than BIS for all activity which occurred in 2011 and prior; this includes activities that occurred on/before 12/31/11 whether credited or not as of that date.

Felt it was a good idea to have a separate thread for tracking questions/issues specifically related to this one-time adjustment rather than folding them into the larger thread:
Please don't use this thread to discuss the overall MM program, just wanted to focus on the one-time adjustment here.

Keep in mind that CO accounts won't change, and the merger of Lifetime miles between CO/UA accounts will happen at a later time. This adjustment only affects your Lifetime UA mileage number.

If you want to calculate how much your bump will be, you'll only be able to do so if you know your annual EQM; you would have had to track this yourself each year, there is no way to get it from the website. While we're on the topic, however, if you haven't already, and assuming you are done with flying for the year, I recommend taking a screenshot of your YTD activity from the UA website.

Sum your annual EQM, subtract your current Lifetime number, and you'll arrive at your adjustment number. Alternatively, if you know the sum of your annual EQM, that should be your Lifetime number after the adjustment.

If you have an issue once the adjustment is made, this is the place to post it and we can try to collectively help solve the issues or at least track them to try to identify patterns.

Open Questions/Known Issues
  • No specific date is set for the sweeps to occur for data that had not yet posted by the 12/31/11 sweep. It's generically "a few weeks".
  • The new MMer spouse nomination form is working for some but not others.

Resolved Issues
  • It was unclear whether partner flights or other EQM activity which occurred in 2011 but did not post by 12/31 would be included in the recalibration.
    This was resolved by UA Insider:
    Originally Posted by UA Insider View Post
    The last date we'll use in the recalibration is 12/31/2011, but, you won't see any recalculated balances until later. While we don't yet have an exact date, it will be before we migrate to a single system. Just didn’t want anyone to be surprised on January 1st.

  • No specific date is set for the recalibration to post other than it will be after 1/1/12 and before the migration to a single system.
    This was resolved when lifetime miles were adjusted on 12/31/2011. UA Insider also posted the following:
    Originally Posted by UA Insider View Post
    Hi northpole999,we'll be doing a subsequent recalibration in a few weeks to capture miles that fall into just this category (e.g. miles that post in early 2012 but that actually count toward 2011).
  • Unclear whether those reaching 1MM status based on the recalibration will reach it under 2011 rules (and thus receive 2 CR-1s & 3 SWU) or 2012 rules (no CR-1s/SWU). The same question exists for those reaching 2MM/3MM/4MM with the recalibration -whether they would receive 4 SWU under the 2011 rules.
    This was resolved by UA Insider:
    Originally Posted by UA Insider View Post
    Hi bmvaughn, thanks for succinctly summarizing the questions on this topic. When it comes to Million Miler status, although the recalibrated Mileage Plus balances became visible on December 31st, the new balances actually take effect January 1st as part of the 2012 MileagePlus program. For those who ended up crossing a Million Miler threshold as a result of the adjustment, benefits of the 2012 Million Miler program will apply.
  • Unclear whether flights taken on partners which at the time earned "status miles" (prior to them being called EQM) will be included in the one-time recalibration.
    This was resolved by UA Insider:
    Originally Posted by UA Insider View Post
    bmvaughn, just to officially confirm, yes, “status miles” were indeed included.
  • Unclear whether flights which earned COS (class of service) RDM bonuses during the time of "status miles" (prior to them being called EQM) will be included in the one-time recalibration.
    This was resolved by UA Insider regarding what does and does not count:
    Originally Posted by UA Insider View Post
    Hi LongingForORD, all in all, anything that counted toward elite status in previous years was counted. Anything that did not count toward elite status previously, was not counted. For example, the following count as part of your recalibrated lifetime balance:
    • EQM earned from flights on Star Alliance partners
    • EQM earned from class-of-service / full-fare bonuses (typically 50% for First, Business, and full-fare Economy)
    • EQM earned from activity with specific Chase Credit Cards
    • EQM from certain promotional offers, such as Double EQM or Purchase EQM offers
    Examples that don’t count include:
    • Redeemable/award miles from credit card spend, hotel, car or retail partners
    • Purchase Miles, Gift Miles, Transfer Miles or Reward Miles
    • Redeemable flight bonus award miles, including elite bonus miles (25% for Premier, 100% for Premier Executive and 1K)
    • Redeemable bonus award miles from most promotional offers
    • Flight miles from non-Star Alliance partners
    • Redeemable/award miles earned from class-of-service / full-fare bonuses (in 2011, typically between 25% and 50% for First or Business)

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