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Originally Posted by thtsapaddlin View Post
Regarding whether this card is indeed churnable:

I jumped on the recent offer: 40k + up to 10k for BT. The card I received in the mail was simply "US Airways Dividend Miles Mastercard." No mention of "Platinum" or "World Premier" or anything like that. I've never had a US card before. Are other folks getting this same card, or is Barclays still issuing "Platinum" and "World Premier" cards as well?

Of the folks who have received a second US Air card under the recent offer, did you receive a "different" card than you did the first time around? In other words, were you only able to churn the card because you had a "World Premier" or "Platinum" card the first time around, but were issued a different "product" this second time around?

I know there are rare instances of people holding a "Platinum" and "World Premier" simultaneously after calling to question the 10k vs. 35k bonus, but I'm curious how often (if ever) people have been issued the exact same card twice.
I got the exact same card (World Premier) twice within 6 months while leaving the first open. Just explained I needed to keep spending separated. Got bonuses both times.
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