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Originally Posted by sfozrhfco View Post
It is not the job of the moderator to protect the company brand.
I've just read eightblack's post again, and it's just him acknowledging that he has a slight bias towards EK. We are all biased, and I think it's a sign of sanity to recognise one's own.

Now, to my EK war story - it's from 2010, but I wasn't on FT then, so hopefully I can retroclaim...

Departing BOM for LHR during the first European ash cloud, being refused check-in as far as DXB. It was a good few days into the airspace closure, and EK had stopped providing hotels for stranded pax. I didn't mind this and booked one myself online.

However, at check-in, the supervisor said that it was EK policy to refuse passage to DXB as 'the hotel situation was critical'. This was nowhere near true, as DXB has many hotels, and every day I was waiting there I simply went online and booked another night. I simply wanted to be 'stuck' closer to home, and also see some more of DXB, which I was new to. Thinking back on it, they were obviously just trying to reduce pressure on the airport, as following the eventual reopening of airspace pax would still be ~8hrs out of DXB.

I am not proud of myself for having to raise my voice at the supervisor and make a considerable scene, but travellers here will probably know that in some parts of the world that can work - and I had tried every form of reason and failed. It got me on the plane, but I spent the journey fuming at EK. I decided that they had one more chance - and fortunately, my next journey was filled with things like champagne in Y and an upgrade to J. So I still fly EK!
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